Your personal cameraman just got a whole lot smarter.

Making great video is hard. The 3rd Generation SOLOSHOT makes it easy by automating the entire process.

Automatic Filming

No cameraman? No problem.

Film yourself with SOLOSHOT, the Robot Cameraman. You wear the Tag, and the Base automatically pans, tilts & zooms to keep you in the camera's shot up to 2,000 ft. away for over 3 hours. No line of sight required.

Breakthrough #1: ZERO user calibration technology. SOLOSHOT3 completely eliminates the complex user setup required by previous generations.

Breakthrough #2: Move the Base at anytime, even while tracking.

Automatic Editing

So, who's going to edit all that footage? Don't worry, we automated that too.

SOLOSHOTedit intelligently identifies highlights and pushes them to the SOLOSHOTcloud for you to view anytime, anywhere, from any device. You can also manually mark highlights, in real time, right from your Tag.

Easy Sharing

Too many social accounts to manage?

Let the SOLOSHOTcloud do it for you. Push clips to your social channels without having to manage multiple uploads. You can even automate the sharing process.

Live Streaming

No audience? No problem. The SOLOSHOTapp lets you live stream the action to the world.

Invite friends, family and fans to join the SOLOSHOT community. Explore high quality content and follow interesting people, amazing places and the #things that you love. (Beta app launching March 2016)


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Expected Shipping Date - Spring 2016

SOLOSHOT3 + Optic25 Camera Bundle

  • - SOLOSHOT3 Base
  • - SOLOSHOT3 Tag
  • - Optic25 Camera
  • - Armband + Clip
  • - USB Charging Cable

Pre-order Price: $ 413.31

Original Price: $0

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